Janakpur Handicraft Center (JHC)

Women for Change Since 1994





Janakpur Handicraft Center conducts awareness programs by using surveys, interviews, and observation 

Janakpur Handicraft Center gives employment opportunities to the women interested in Mithila Arts, knitting crafts and paper crafts

Once we make them aware of their health education and capabilities , we conduct skill based training prorgams

We educate women about health and hygene

OUR selling platforms

OUR ART Gallery and ONLINE craft STORE 

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Janakpur Handicraft Center delivered everything they promised during the training programs. I am glad that I went to Nepal to do my training."

Mayuka Kozawa, Japan

Janakpur Handicraft Center has given me opportunity to show my talent not only in India but also in USA"

Rupa Kumari, India

Our professional staff includes two MBAs, a certified anthropologist and researcher, and two customer retention experts. We train our artists to be perfectionist in what they do and understand the language of colors.